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Organization Profile

Blessed Open Door, Changing Lives

Blessed Open Door is a dedicated nonprofit organization working to enhance the quality of life in Kilimanjaro and surrounding regions in Tanzania. Their strategic focus revolves around three key pillars: PROTECTING, EDUCATING, and EMPOWERING communities. The organization aims to achieve this through various programs and initiatives.


To collaborate closely on education, environment, and socio-economic issues in both rural and urban areas of Tanzania. This involves providing affordable education, socio-economic knowledge, and raising awareness about environmental matters within communities.


To become a center of excellence for driving positive change in rural and urban communities through an integrated approach.

Core Values

  1. Good Governance: Committed to maintaining transparency and accountability in all programs and activities, especially when supporting marginalized groups like People with Disabilities and Vulnerable Children.

  2. Gender Equality: Advocating for gender equality through a human rights-based approach, promoting participation, inclusion, and empowerment.

  3. Collaboration and Networking: Believing in the power of working together with various stakeholders such as Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, Faith-Based Organizations, and Local Government to achieve core objectives.

Areas of Interest

  1. Environment Conservation/Management: Engaging in activities like tree planting, floriculture, water sources management, waste management, sanitation and hygiene, and other endeavors to promote environmental management.

  2. Education Program: Supporting vulnerable children’s education through early childhood development, sanitation and hygiene initiatives, and advocating for quality and friendly learning environments. Also, providing scholastic materials.

  3. Gender Equality: Advancing gender equality through human rights education, emphasizing participation, inclusion, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment, and linking to legal services.

  4. Health Program: Training young people on sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, providing life skills to adolescents, counseling, and referral to HIV/AIDS testing and other community health activities.

  5. Volunteers Program: Welcoming volunteers from abroad to collaborate on community development, health, social work, education, environment, microfinance, gender issues, human rights, and support for marginalized groups.

Why Volunteer with Blessed Open Door

  • Opportunity to immerse in local culture and learn Swahili.
  • Placement at a genuine organization aligned with your interests.
  • Visits to National Parks, including Mount Kilimanjaro hikes.
  • Assistance with permits, security, and support.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills with the local community.
  • Learning indigenous knowledge and cultures.
  • Airport pick-ups, transfers, and unlimited Wi-Fi.


Volunteers are accommodated at the organization’s Volunteer HOSTEL in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, providing convenient and safe lodging at reasonable prices. A Volunteer Coordinator assists in settling in and coordinating volunteer work.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply for volunteer opportunities by contacting the organization via email to request an application form and more information. The application process is straightforward, and upon completion, applicants receive essential information for their stay in Tanzania.