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Handaling martenity birth kit to the traditional attendat
  • Project Name: Ensuring Safe Deliveries: Maternity Birth Kits for Traditional Birth Attendants
  • Project Team: Dr. Glory Masenga, Grace Simon & Neema Joshua
  • Location: Moshi, Kilimanjaro

Handaling martenity birth kit to the traditional attendat

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming initiative that recently took place in Mtakuja village, where we extended our support to Felister Mmanga, a dedicated Traditional Birth Attendant. In our commitment to maternal and infant health, we provided Felister with essential maternity birth kits to ensure safe deliveries in her community.

Our Contribution:

During our recent visit to Mtakuja village, we had the privilege of handing over a set of maternity birth kits to Felister Mmanga. These kits contain essential items that can make a significant difference during childbirth, promoting a safer and more hygienic delivery process.

Key Components of the Maternity Birth Kits:

The maternity birth kits we provided include:

  1. Sterile Delivery Supplies: These kits contain sterile gloves, clean birthing mats, and sanitary pads to maintain a hygienic birthing environment.
  2. Clean and Safe Tools: Felister now has access to clean and safe tools for cutting the umbilical cord, reducing the risk of infections.
  3. Baby Essentials: The kits also include essentials for the newborn, such as clothing and blankets, ensuring that the baby is well taken care of from the moment they enter the world.